This ‘Magic in a Bottle’ Illuminating Serum Is Like an Eraser For Your Skin—& It’s 20% Off


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Sorry, moisturizer. In our humble opinion, serums are the GOAT of skincare. Not only do they add an ethereal, cosmic glow to your complexion, but they also fight some of skin’s most troubling concerns – stares, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Because serums are highly formulated concentrations, they absorb quickly into the skin. This means you can easily layer other skincare products on top without fear of stickiness and stickiness spoiling the fun. Another reason to join the serum hype train? They contain powerful active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol and AHA/BHAs known to revitalize your skin. Wow!

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: there are TONS of serums to choose from with different ingredients and benefits. To simplify your search, it is good to opt for a serum that is well tolerated by all skin types. This way, the risk of irritation is minimized even if you combine it with other skin care products in your routine.

Therefore we recommend Tula’s Luminous Serum. Not only is it safe to use on dry, oily, mature and combination skin, but according to buyers, “the texture is soft and light and feels great on even the most sensitive skin.”

Even better, pick up your Illuminating Serum at 20 percent off during Tula’s Friends and Family Sale ending May 15th.

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Tula Illuminating Serum

Courtesy of Tula.

Tula is best known for using probiotic ingredients in its formulations. Much like the probiotics in Greek yogurt are good for your gut, probiotics are also beneficial for your skin — they’ve been shown to have positive effects on inflammatory skin conditions like acne and atopic dermatitis, according to a recent study. Rest assured that probiotic extracts are not in short supply in this brightening serum.

“This little gem was just what I needed to add a dull shine to my routine! Smells amazing and so moisturizing,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

Tula’s Luminous Serum is packed with skin boosters like prebiotics, peptides and Japanese Mandarin. Like probiotics, prebiotics also have positive effects on inflammatory skin diseases, especially atopic dermatitis. Peptides are another skincare superstar added to this serum as they smooth skin and support collagen. And depending on the brand, the included Japanese mandarin brightens and corrects uneven tones. That’s always a plus in our eyes, especially if you’re looking to trade your highlighter for a naturally radiant glow.

OK, enough with the scientific jargon. Let’s talk reviews! After all, this serum has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, with hundreds of five-star reviews to boot. Shoppers love the brightening product for its ability to rejuvenate their skin.

“I use it morning and night on bare skin”, I use it in the morning under foundation. I’ve noticed a decrease in blemishes and redness,” said another five-star reviewer.

Another called it “magic in a bottle,” adding, “This stuff has brightened my complexion and reduced the appearance of my melasma dark stains drastic!!”

A starter serum that improves dullness and contains anti-aging ingredients and safe to use on sensitive skin is something we are all on board for. Do yourself a favor and skip the highlighter Tula’s Luminous Serum.

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