The 30 Best Pajamas for Women, According to Fussy Shoppers


By this point you have probably realized that a much You spend most of your life in loungewear and pajamas. That means it’s time to pick out the best women’s pajamas, because if you’re anything like us, you cycle between the same leggings and bottoms – sometimes you wear the same ones for days. Maybe yours are so popular they have holes in them, or maybe you still wear old college t-shirts to sleep [raises hand]. It’s time for a fresh set, folks, because a comfy new pair of pajamas is a joy you can count on — a reason to look forward to rolling in and (hopefully) rolling out of bed.

Like bras, women’s pajamas are a matter of taste and comfort. Maybe you prefer a luxe matching set that makes you feel like you have your life together, or maybe you love lightweight sweatpants that you can layer over any top and wear straight to running errands. There is a World of potential pajamas that are perfect for all sorts of specific people – for those who sleep hot, those who want pajamas that communicate decidedly “outside the office,” or those who prefer a versatile look that goes seamlessly from bed in passes the virtual boardroom. Below, buyers (including some of our editors) share their nominees for best women’s pajamas: their softest, coziest pajamas like a baby. As an added bonus, almost all of these tips fall well under $150. Treat yourself to this luxurious sleep product and you won’t regret it.

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