Peyton List Loves to Talk About Acne 


When you have adult acne, it’s easy to feel alone, like you’re the only one having breakouts after the age of 18. somewhere inbetween 12% and 22% of women aged 26 to 44 suffer from acne, and this number is increasing day by day (on the other hand, only about 3% of adult men suffer from acne). In our Acne Diaries series we ask influential women who suffer from acne about their relationship with their skin and the products they use to keep it happy. Next up: actor Peyton List.

Acne is often seen as something we need to hide, especially in Hollywood. But Peyton List, a Disney Channel vet and Netflix star Cobra KaiHe says it’s one of her favorite topics of conversation. She has been open about her skin struggles, most recently inside her Fashion Beauty Secrets video and grills her makeup artists for the latest and greatest products. She even met her current beautician after striking up a conversation about skin with the host of her favorite restaurant.

Having never dealt with acne in middle or high school, List began breaking out in her late teens. “I had perfect skin when I was a teenager,” she says Shine. “And then when I was about 16 or 17, I started breaking out. I feel like it was the opposite of what’s normal, so I really panicked and didn’t know what was going on.” Not only did she navigate growing up in public, but she also added acne to the mix.

“It feels so awful,” List says. “I would see all these actresses coming [on set] and I’m like, ‘God, her skin is perfect,’ and then you have hair and makeup and you’re like, ‘What can we do to fix this? Let’s send you to that person, let’s try that cream,” and nothing really works. It’s just frustrating.”

List says meeting new makeup artists is often the hardest part of her job because she never knows how they’re going to react to her skin. “I feel so ugly, and until this acne goes away, I won’t feel pretty,” she recalls. “It’s crazy that my skin was the cause of so many of my bad days. It really makes you so different.”

On her worst days, List tried to talk herself into feeling bad about her skin, but normally she would just “feel it and let it go and just try to move on,” she says. “I feel like I’ve tried every trick with words on myself that sometimes they don’t work anymore. I’ll say, ‘You’re beautiful, no matter what happens, it’s okay.’ And then some days you just don’t believe it.”

List says one thing has What helped her, however, was to focus less on her appearance in general. “I started saying, ‘My looks are the least interesting thing about me,'” she says. “That’s the least interesting thing about me. But then it’s so difficult because I know my face is about to get into the camera. But I would keep repeating this to myself, like, the least interesting thing about you is your acne right now, so can we just stop focusing on that?

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