Leslie Mann and Maude Apatow Still Share Beauty Products


Mother-daughter duo Leslie Mann and Maude Apatow share a lot. Gene, of course, and the acting industry — Mann is a rom-com king, while Apatow shines euphoria as the introvert Lexi Howard. They’re both beauty obsessives too, and despite being 24, they swap products and tips like college roommates.

“My mom says inner beauty is the most important thing,” Apatow says of the best advice Mann has ever given her. “Being a kind person and treating other people well and loving yourself on the inside comes out. But also stay hydrated! That’s a big one.” While Apatow grew up digging through Mann’s drawers, now it goes both ways. “She has tons of great beauty tips,” says Mann, who admits to making her top choices out of all the products she sends her daughter home. “I try everything. Maude is very generous with me.”

To celebrate their love of beauty and each other, the pair teamed up with Jergens for the brand’s Mother’s Day campaign, ‘A Mom Is a Mom’ (which includes the launch of the brand’s iconic cherry-almond scent in a perfume). “I think it’s cool because we celebrate all mothers and all mother figures,” says Mann. “And that’s always fun. Because the moms deserve to be celebrated. I think we should make it a month long celebration instead of just a day. Mother’s Month! Let’s make it Mother’s Month.”

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked them to share the products they both love. Read on for her favorites.

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Jergens moisturizing cream for damp skin

Apatow says that one of the biggest beauty lessons her mother taught her was to keep her body hydrated. “When you’re hydrated and hydrated, you look better, you look more youthful and radiant and beautiful,” says Apatow. “I use this moisturizer every time and I just feel so much better after using it.” Mann agrees, suggesting using it on dry skin for an extra glow — a trick Apatow confirms she uses on set was seen in action. “It makes your skin look so good,” says Mann. “It’s a little hack that the actors do. Started by me! Hacks from Leslie.”

Biologique Research Lotion P50

This exfoliating toner does it all – unclogs pores, brightens skin and smoothes texture. The French product has a large cult following, including Mann and Apatow. “We used Biologique Recherche P50,” says Mann. “Maude told me about it. It just brightens your skin and makes it look good.”

SkinCeuticals Serum

The duo are also fans of the SkinCeuticals line of serums. Men like the popular CE Ferulic Serum, which brightens skin, fights lines and protects against antioxidants and free radicals. It’s one of the most stable forms of vitamin C on the market thanks to the 0.5% ferulic acid in the formula. On the other hand, Apatow likes the Phyto Corrective Gel, a lightweight serum designed to calm redness, sensitivity and irritation thanks to hyaluronic acid and cucumber extracts.


While Mann’s all-time favorite eye contour product, Benefits Ooh La Lift, is sadly no longer available, both women swear by eye patches to help manage puffiness – both love Skyn ​​Iceland, though there’s some disagreement over who’s getting which introduced the brand. “I put these in the fridge and wear them right before work. My makeup artist Kelsey Deenahan showed them to me,” says Apatow, before Mann interrupts to say she’s been using them for years. Apatow says her mother showed her Peter Thomas Roth’s gold ones, which they both like too.

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