Kendall Jenner Matched Her Manicure to Her Vintage Lavender Cadillac, as You Do


Kendall Jenner doesn’t just match her handbag with her wardrobe these days — she takes it a step further by pairing her vintage lavender Cadillac with her medium-length square manicure. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the supermodel sport this 1960’s Eldorado. In fact, she’s been driving this lavender convertible for years; Only her matching manicure is new. While the Kardashian-Jenner family is known for changing the paint job on their expensive wheels (remember that Lamborghini wrapped in Skims-branded fabric?), this convertible has stayed true to its colors.

Jenner uploaded a photo of the lavender-colored Cadillac to her Instagram Story on Sunday, May 8, followed by a close-up of her manicure with the car in the background. She captioned the photo “a perfect match,” while crediting her North Hollywood nail salon, Modern Pamper Salon. Though the world may never know what sparked the idea of ​​color coordinating her manicure with her vintage lash, one thing is for sure: monochrome nails are in and hopeful here to stay this summer (tells me with my shaking hands that can’t even pull off the simple nail designs to save my life).

So what do you think – when it came to picking a shade for her nails, was the lavender Cadillac her nail inspiration? I’m almost 100% sure it wasn’t a coincidence. My only question is: did Kendall Jenner show her manicurist a photo of the car? How else could she have been able to get an exact shade to her dreamy Eldorado convertible?

This story originally appeared on Curls.

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