Get Rid Of Belly Creases Fast With These Toning Exercises These ultra-toning exercises will keep your stomach in shape.


If your fitness goal for beach season and beyond is to lose fat and tone up (especially in the core), rest assured you’re not alone. Dealing with tummy creases can be incredibly frustrating as they usually occur due to an excessive amount of fat. You can really notice them when you sit down and your tummy curves a little. But fret not because to lose belly fat and get rid of tummy wrinkles we have just the right game plan for you to follow.

First of all, you need to eat in a calorie deficit, do strength training regularly, and improve your cardio and daily steps. If you follow these habits over a long period of time, the fat will break down. Although core exercises alone won’t help you flatten your stomach and get rid of unwanted belly fat, it will will Build muscle and strengthen the area to make your abs look a lot better when you lean forward. It is the total package that contributes to the end goal.

Here is a list of my favorite exercises that will help you tone up and get rid of tummy creases. Check them out below and next, be sure to read The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Says Trainer.

trainer performing dumbbell crunch to get rid of abdominal wrinkles

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. There should be a pair of dumbbells in each hand and your arms should be fully extended. Start with the first crunch and come up just high enough to flex your abs heavily. Exhale as you complete the rep at the top, then lower yourself back down to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

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Trainer performing landmine rotations to get rid of tummy creases

Begin this move by inserting a barbell into a landmine attachment. Grasp the end of the barbell with both hands and hold it in front of you with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your core tight, rotate the bar to one side of your body while pivoting both feet in that direction. Engage your hips and shoulders, rotate the bar to the opposite side, and keep tension in your core. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each side.

Trainer performs leg raises on bench to get rid of abdominal wrinkles

Position your upper back on a negative bench with your arms holding the handle. Flatten your lower back, and then raise your feet toward you. Once your legs are in front of you, kick them as high as you can. Flex your abs hard at the top, then slowly lower them in a controlled manner while maintaining tension in your core. Return to the starting position before doing one more rep. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

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Trainer does band rotation chop to get rid of tummy creases

For this exercise, tie a resistance band around a sturdy beam and step sideways to get tension on it. Hold the end of the band in a pronated (overhand grip) position with both hands and a wide footstand. Keeping your core tight, rotate the band from your upper back down your body. Flex your obliques throughout the range of motion, then return to the starting position. Complete all prescribed reps before switching sides. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each side.

intense runner runs to increase visceral fat burning

Sprinting is a great way to burn fat and burn calories fast. Sprinting not only trains your legs, but also your core muscles. They are needed to transmit power while running at high speeds. If you’re anaerobically conditioned and used to interval training, you can add some short-distance sprints to your routine. Here are two examples:

  • Sprint 40 to 50 meters, rest as long as needed, then repeat 6 to 8 laps.
  • Sprint 100 meters, rest as long as needed, then repeat 4 to 5 laps.

Tim Liu, CSCS

Tim Liu, CSCS, is an online fitness and nutrition coach based in Los Angeles. Read more

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