Florence Pugh’s Flippy Bob Is a Master Class for Growing Out a Pixie Cut


If there’s one celebrity who seemingly came out of nowhere to become a major hair influencer in the last year or so, it’s Florence Pugh. Once recognizable by her long golden blonde hair, the acclaimed actress has transformed it several times with big chops and color makeovers. But while everyone has loved the short style she’s been sporting lately (some might call it a pixie mullet; others might call it a bixie), it looks like she’s growing it out — and us doing so give another super cute style.

Pugh debuted the new look on Sunday during a late-night session of her ongoing unofficial Instagram series, Cooking With Flo. Though the dish she prepared — she ended up calling it “Salad with Spicy Crispy Feta Thing” — looked gorgeous, we couldn’t take our eyes off her funky bob. Her hair, which is currently a light brown, arguably bronze, color is now long enough to tuck the formerly short front pieces and bangs behind her studded ears.

Instagram/Florence Pugh

It’s safe to say that Pugh’s hair is about chin length at this point, which puts it right within bob’s reach. And we love that she flipped out the ends for a retro effect that’s reminiscent of both the ’60s and the ’90s.

Instagram/Florence Pugh

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