Chrissy Metz Opens Up About How Therapy Changed the Course of Her Life


In a new interview, Chrissy Metz shared how therapy helped her process childhood trauma and transform her relationship with food Very well. The 41 year old This is us The actress revealed that her 30th birthday marked a turning point in her mental health journey. That day she experienced a panic attack while watching a movie with friends and family, which eventually led her to a therapist’s office.

“I’m so grateful that I have access to medical care — mental health and therapy — because I have a lot of conversations with my therapist,” Metz said Very well. She shared that she was thankful for the panic attack, which prompted her to seek help despite dreading years of anxiety afterwards.

The therapy improved Metz’s relationship with food, she said. “I needed to understand why I was hurting my body with food and all the things that come with it, which means all the past trauma, all the unresolved issues with my parents, all of that came to the surface at the age of 30.” Metz added that she tends to calm down with food – and that therapy has helped her get over it. “Because it’s definitely not about the food. je. The food is the symptom,” she said. “When you take away the food, all the feelings that you’ve been repressing come up and then you have to deal with them because you’ve never dealt with them.”

Metz said she experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child and explained that therapy also helped her process that trauma. In particular, seeing a therapist helped her learn gratitude and equipped her with helpful tools like journaling and meditation. And therapy also provided Metz with an outlet where she felt heard, something she said she didn’t have during her childhood.

Aside from processing past trauma, visiting a mental health professional also helped Metz envision and then achieve the future she wanted for herself, she said. She credited the therapy with changing the course of her life, which eventually led her to it This is us: “I didn’t do what I knew I had to do to get to this other place in my life.”


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